Being in a motor vehicle accident is scary enough. You’re also likely having neck and back pain since the accident, and are not quite sure what to do or whom to see.

I’ve been a practicing chiropractor in Washington State for eleven years, and in that time have successfully treated many patients involved in┬ácar accidents. Not only am I a certified chiropractor by the Washington State Department of Health, but I have advanced certification in whiplash and spinal traumatology from the prestigious Spinal Research Institute of San Diego. Treating whiplash is my specialty.

In Washington State, insurance coverage for our services is very good. Your automobile insurance policy almost always has personal injury protection (PIP), which covers 100% of our treatment. There is no out of pocket cost to you the patient. And if the accident was not your fault, by Washington State law your insurance company cannot raise your insurance rates for using this coverage. If you don’t have PIP or any auto insurance, and the accident was not your fault, you can still be covered 100% by the other person’s auto insurance. Contact our office for an appointment, and we’ll also guide you through the insurance process as well. I look forward to helping you.